Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance is great value for money if you travel regularly as it provides travel insurance cover for an unlimited number of trips in one year.
annual travel insurance

Most annual travel insurance policies will have a maximum duration for each trip for example 31 days or 45 days and when you are buying annual travel insurance you can choose between European and worldwide cover depending on where you are planning to travel.

Get a quote for annual travel insurance

get a quote for annual travel insurance

5 Good Reasons to Choose Annual Travel Insurance

1. Annual travel insurance can save you money

Generally, if you intend to travel more than once or twice in a year, annual travel insurance works out cheaper than buying single trip travel insurance for each journey.

2. Annual travel insurance can save you time

Another great benefit, not to be forgotten, with annual travel insurance is that you only have to buy it once a year! When you’re in the midst of preparing for a family holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance – and with annual travel insurance you won’t have to, because it will already be in place.

3. Annual travel insurance generally covers named adults to travel independently or together

Annual travel insurance also has the added advantage of covering all adults named on the policy to travel independently of each other, which is great if you’re a couple or you’ve got a family – you don’t all have to be going on the same trips to get the benefit of great value annual multi trip travel insurance cover.

4. Continuous cover with annual travel insurance

As well as the cost savings and the convenience if you travel regularly, annual travel insurance also means that you are always covered for cancellation – so long as you have valid annual travel insurance in place, anything you book, even trips within the UK* will be covered from the moment you pay for the holiday – no more being un insured.

Annual travel insurance also gives you continuous cover for travel delay caused by strikes or industrial action. If your flight is delayed by strike action you will be covered under the travel delay section of your travel insurance so long as you booked your holiday and bought your travel insurance before the strike was announced.  If you have valid annual travel insurance in place you have continuous cover, so once you have booked your holiday, you will be covered in the event that your flight is delayed by strikes.

5. You will be notified when your annual travel insurance is due to expire

When you buy annual travel insurance, your travel insurance provider is obliged to notify you when your policy is due to expire.  You should receive a reminder from your travel insurance provider at least 21 days before your annual travel insurance expires, so that you can renew your policy quickly and easily and not run the risk of travelling uninsured.

In short, annual travel insurance is a great way of buying travel insurance if you travel regularly, it is convenient and it can save you time and money, plus, if you keep your annual travel insurance policy valid, it means that you have continuous cover against the risk of cancellation and travel delay caused by strikes.


Get a quote for annual travel insurance

get a quote for annual travel insurance


*Trips within the UK usually have to include at least 2 nights pre-booked accommodation away from your normal place of residence to be eligible for cover under an annual travel insurance policy. Check the terms and conditions of your annual travel insurance policy.

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