Annual travel insurance: Get the start date right to get full cover

By , August 24, 2012 9:27 am

Annual travel insurance is different from single trip travel insurance in that you need to choose a date when your travel insurance cover will start – it is not automatically the day that you purchase your annual travel insurance policy.

If you don’t get the start date right you might not have the cancellation cover you think you do in your annual travel insurance policy.

The start date you choose for your annual travel insurance is important because it is the date that your cancellation cover will start.

A common mistake is to start an annual travel insurance policy on the date you depart for your next holiday. But if you do that your holiday will not be covered for cancellation if something unforeseen happens, such as illness or redundancy, causing you to have to cancel the holiday before you are due to depart.

With single trip travel insurance you are covered for cancellation from the day you purchase your holiday, because you are buying it to cover a specific holiday. All other sections of cover, such as Medical and Repatriation kick in on the date you start your holiday.

Annual travel insurance is more like home or car insurance where it provides insurance cover for you for 365 days and you select the date when that insurance cover will start.
Annual cover doesn’t automatically start on the day you purchase the policy because, like your home insurance, you may have another policy in place which will expire in a few days or weeks and you don’t want the 2 policies to overlap.

When should you start your annual travel insurance cover?

If you don’t currently have a policy in place, but you have a holiday booked you should start your annual travel insurance cover immediately. That way you will have cancellation cover in place to protect the money you have paid for your holiday.
If you currently have annual travel insurance in place and you have holidays booked or planned you should start your new annual travel insurance on the day that your current policy expires – that way you have continuous travel insurance cover for cancellation.
Remember most annual travel insurance policies include cover for cancellation as standard – you are paying for that cancellation cover so you may as well start your annual travel insurance cover immediately to get the benefit of that cover.

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